Daily Archives: January 25, 2016

The Crisis of Legitimacy and Representation in Islamic Leadership

The quality of being trusted and believed in is often measured by looking at what is being represented and how we are representing it. Whether we look into any scientific study or political dynamics, the question of credibility becomes critical when the representation is skewed. Similarly, when discussing the issue of legitimacy in any religion including Islam, one cannot ignore who is representing Muslims. Hence, the role of leadership in form of theologians, scholars and religious leaders becomes inevitable.

mosque women

Before jumping in with both feet, it is important to look at the term ‘Muslim leadership’. The tradition and culture of leadership among Muslim leaders varies depending on what layer of the society one is addressing. A Muslim religious scholar and leader can be a person who is highly educated from a Western Ivy League institution and can also be someone who has obtained his or her education through the local Islamic institutions within their reach.

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